About us

Rugs N’ Bags is a project uniting creative artists representing different Bulgarian arts and crafts such as the rug making, the hand embroidery, the pottery, the wood carving, the weaving, the leather work, the sewing and hopefully more to follow. Most of our products such as the handwoven rugs, carpets, pillow cases, embroidered tablecloths and table runners, wall hangers, ceramic dishware, wood carved items were the must-have homey specifics for every Bulgarian household.
By means of our products we would like to share the Bulgarian culture with the outside world: our products could as well become Bulgarian product ambassadors, able to match up tradition with the current fashion and home decor trends. Our products are mostly made of natural materials – dyed pure wool, cotton, linen, genuine leather, handmade ceramics, handmade wooden items etc.
For our products we use an inspiring palette of colors, unique handcrafted fabrics and materials, as well as the positive mood which accompanies us with every new design both when making our products and when sending them to our customers. We believe what keeps the positive story told over and over again is when our customers are wearing our designed accessories or when they decide to decorate their homes.
We are excited by the prospect of finding new admirers and friends by means of our work. If you like our style and you’d like to find more you’d be most welcome to follow us.
Enjoy and remember to always keep up your positive mood!