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Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather

Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather
Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather Ladies backpack - handwoven in Bulgaria - beige leather
Brand: Rugs N' Bags
Product Code: Backpack leather
Availability: In Stock

If you are independent character, who like to be different, fashionable, art-sensitive and at the same time showing strong character, passion, intelligence and a hint of mysterious charm, this bag is for you.

Handmade ladies backpack made of genuine leather backpack and 100% hand-spun natural wool and leather. The woven part is made on a Bulgarian vintage traditional loom and then is assembled with the leather part. The inside is made of high quality lining,  there is a small inside zipper pocket with zipper for your small personal belongings. Adjustable straps

The bag is made with a lot of love and great attention to the details that makes it very fashionable and at the same time due to the natural materials very durable.

The handwoven part is colorfull and the leather is beige.

This Bulgarian bag could be another way to highlight your style and originality.


Height: 35cm / 14 in

Width: 28 cm / 11 in

Some of the qualities of the pure wool:

*Natural and renewable – wool is grown not made; every year sheep grow a new fleece. Wool products also use less energy than man-made fibres during manufacture.

*Sunsafe – wool has naturally high UV protection. Your devices will be protected from overheating when exposed to sun.

*Biodegradable – when disposed of, natural wool fibre takes only a few years to decompose, and with a high nitrogen content, wool can even act as a fertilizer.

*Multi-Climatic – wool acclimatizes to its surroundings.

*Flame retardant – wool fibre has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres and is flame retardant.

*Breathable – wool’s natural structure allows it to absorb and release water vapour into the atmosphere, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Your electronic devices will not be exposed to high temperature range in the winter as well as in the summer.

*Non allergenic – wool is not known to cause allergy and does not promote the growth of bacteria. With microscopic scales, wool fibres can trap dust in the top layers until vacuumed away.

*Durable and elastic – wool fibre can be bent many times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape. Quality wool garments look good for longer.

*Easy care – retaining a small amount of natural oil, wool fibre resists dirt and grease. Your bag does not need too much effort to maintain it clean and good looking.

*Naturally insulating – wool can insulate by providing and retaining warmth, and reducing energy costs.

We recommend dry cleaning.

This ladies backpack is made a smoke-free, pet-free studio

Europe /EU and outside EU/ 8.5 EUR; ~11.69 USD, ~6.9 GBP
Australia and New Zealand 10 EUR, ~13.76 USD, ~7.99 GBP
North America 10 EUR, ~13.76 USD, ~7.99 GBP
Asia 10 EUR, ~13.76 USD, ~7.99 GBP
Everywhere else 15 EUR, ~20,64 USD, ~11.99 GBP

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